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Biker Cremation Urn—Cube

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Biker Cremation Urn—Cube

$ 309.00

Biker Memorial Cremation Urn

• This is a full size hand made solid metal cremation urn.
• It is large enough for a 260 lb person.
• It has artwork on front only with a two tone paint, glossy black and Hugger Orange, and the whole cremation urn is sealed with several automotive clear coats.
The black on silver oversized plate has space for 5 lines of lettering. When ordering, please provide the details of what you want on the plate.
• Hand finished by skilled artists in the USA.
• These urns are made using high end automotive paint and finishes.

Please provide any customization requests during ordering. 

For deliveries outside the USA please contact us before ordering.

Feel free to contact us or ask any questions and our sales team will be happy to get back to you asap:



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