Shipping, Returns & Our Guarantee

Proud & Free Pledge, Plea & Guarantee

We pledge to fulfill your order within 2 working days (except for a few more days of delays when Uncle Freddy hits the sauce or starts to blaze). Either way we'll be taking care of you in spades.

And if shit goes south you won't need to be a loudmouth—don't worry boss all's not lost. Your full refund is in the bag (or your choice of an immediate replacement with Store Cash and/or swag). These come with a Don't Worry Be Happy Guarantee aka our Proud And Free Customer Protection Guarantee.

Returns & Refunds Summary Policy

If the item is defective, or not what you ordered, you can opt to receive a full refund, period. You can also return your order for any reason within 7 days of receipt subject to our Customer Protection Guarantee below. 

*Please note that if a product's or collection's information contains a different return and refund policy (for example with our High Life Collection), these terms will supersede the Policy outlined on this page.

Proud & Free Customer Protection Guarantee

If an item is defective, or not what you ordered, customers have the right to choose between a full refund or a replacement.

Unless  a product's page/description indicates special terms, usually for high-priced or custom items (see above*), you can return your order for any reason by shipping it to us within 7 days of receipt and you can opt for a full refund subject to the following:

• Items selling for $100 or more should be returned unused with all original packaging intact.

• Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.

• The customer must contact us first prior to all returns.

• In rare instances we may opt to give you a comparably-priced alternative after first discussing this with you.

• S
pecific products may have different return, warranty and refund rules, which will be referenced on the product page—please make sure to read a product's description before ordering.

Notwithstanding the above parameters, we want you guys to be happy. Hell, we're bound by our gey as fuck Don't Worry Be Happy Guarantee.

BOTTOM LINE: regardless of the issue, we'll work with you to get it resolved.

Average Shipping Time

Depending on the product and your location, US shipping can take between 1 to 4 weeks' duration, and shipping may take up to 5 weeks or more if you're in another nation.

If there are widespread shipping delays, for example due to a pandemic, we'll let you know on our scrolling top banner that it's systemic.

Our products have suppliers or are warehoused all over the world. Depending on your location it may take a minute to receive your pearl. Please note that during the busy holiday season from December through February, shipping times may vary and get a bit hairy.


Delivery Guarantee

If your item is not delivered, you'll receive a full refund or the item will be reshipped immediately (with some Store cash and/or dope swag on us). Please note that failed deliveries from circumstances beyond our control are excluded from this guarantee. These include theft during shipment, wars, customs issues, epidemics, natural or other major disasters, alien invasions, acts of God, or other shenanigans outside our control.

In the rare instance that customs, import duties or taxes are charged, please note that you are responsible for them. All shipments to New Jersey will be charged NJ sales tax.


Product Sourcing (& Manufacturing) Transparency Policy

We're bikers, adventurers and ex-racers, gas and ink blood brothers who don't shoot blanks (those are tracers).

We scour the world over like a rover to discover the best suicide clutch cover for you to order. We find value in both old and new, from biker tech to a vintage shoe. We're all about skulls, leather and Hogs (and, ahem, we also sell biker jackets for dogs). We're about pushing that envelope, and yeah we design and manufacture our own Biker Dope™.

From a $6 bottle opener ring to $6,000 Skull King bling we guarantee a hostile takeover of your mind by our dope as fuck™ jewelry line.

Plus we sell killer custom parts, blades and makeovers (thanks to our talented accessories, jackets and gear curators). We've also got an eye for outlaw jewelry that's guaranteed to horrify.

So we source products high and low, from the US, Europe, Asia and Bordeaux. And, yeah, in addition to designing original shit for you, like Biker Dope's vintage outlaw line of biker jackets, pants & tool rolls), Biker Quest (a badass immersive poker run that lasts all year), and Freegloves™ (innovative biker gloves with removable fingers), we're also curating the coolest shit the world over and selling it to you right here for (gasp) a profit.

Disappointed by the lack of rhyming? Just goes to show, you never really appreciate something until it's gone. Speaking of which, by buying from us you're giving us your trust, so brother, sister we ain't leavin' you in the dust.

You're also helping support, biker initiatives that can keep you out of hell, hospitals or traffic court. Take Biker Quest and Biker Guardians for example—one's a live adventure for charity and the other's an innovative safety angle.

So welcome to our Proud & Free Biker store, we know y'all'll find what you're looking for.

p.s. Sign the f up to score: freebies, offers and a whole lot more.

* Our Customer Protection Guarantee for failure to deliver doesn't apply in cases where a faulty address was provided by the customer.