Founded in 1999, Proud And Free Biker is an American jewelry, accessory, apparel and lifestyle brand bringing folks around the world custom, inked, outlaw and vintage-inspired biker dope.

Think of us as your personal Indiana Jones—exploring the wilds of the earth to bring you the dopest stuff made and experienced.

Sometimes we gotta outrun giant rolling stones. Sometimes we gotta dust North Korean security forces on wheelies (yeah, we planted a clue in Kim Jong-il's Kumsusan Palace).

And if we can't find something, we make it ourselves. Like motorcycle gloves with fingers that can be temporarily removed (so you can use your fingers without having to take your gloves off).

Or Bullet Pants™ with multifunctions and tools built into their design—basically, a Swiss army knife for bikers that you wear.

Or our badass line of old school-inspired outlaw riding apparel that's already getting dope reviews (Biker Dope).

Most importantly, our core values are in our name. By buying from us you're supporting the kickass initiatives we're pioneering for all motorcyclists and for you, our Proud And Free Nation:


More Than Meets The Eye

We're more than just purveyors of biker dope ... consider this your invitation to your personal moto-adventure, Biker Questa groundbreaking, sketchy as fuck, app-driven real-life adventure for motorcyclists.
Our player operatives' motto?:

"Do good, ride everywhere, NFG".

Last Minute Rides

Get text alerts for last minute rides in your area, or host a ride yourself, with this free group sms service. Anonymous, no spam, no bullshit.

We're pioneering a new traffic approach, training badge-carrying motorists to help keep bikers safe

Our flagship startup, Biker Entourage, brings snowflake-proof biker pics and vids, motorcycle manuf updates, custom builds, biker news and stupid fun straight to your screen on the daily.


A new motorcycle startup with innovative products, stupid fun, and the dopest biker shit from around the world.


So how does our shop serve thee?
Let us count the ways ...

Jewels, leather cuffs, bracelets, rings, pendants, lifestyle accessories, aftermarket motorcycle parts, tactical and survival knives, microtools and multitools, tech and gadgetsoutdoor equipment and, of course, leather jackets for bikers, badasses, skull and tattoo addicts, first responders, vets, truckers and other freedom lovers wherever they may be.


Product Sourcing (& Manufacturing) Transparency Policy

We're bikers, adventurers and ex-racers, gas and ink blood brothers who don't shoot blanks (those are tracers).

We scour the world over like a rover to discover the best suicide clutch cover for you to order. We find value in both old and new, from biker tech to a vintage shoe. We're all about skulls, leather and Hogs (but, ahem, we also sell biker jackets for dogs). We're about pushing that envelope, and yeah we design and manufacture our own Biker Dope™.

From a $6 bottle opener ring to  $6,000 Skull King Bling we guarantee a hostile takeover of your mind by our dope as fuck™ jewelry line.

Plus we sell killer custom parts, blades and makeovers (thanks to our talented accessories, jackets and gear curators). We've also got an eye for outlaw jewelry that's guaranteed to horrify.

So we source products high and low, from the US, Europe, Asia and Bordeaux. And, yeah, in addition to designing original shit for you, like Biker Dope's vintage outlaw line of biker jackets, pants & tool rolls, Biker Quest (a badass immersive poker run that lasts all year), or BULLET biker utility PANTS, we're also curating the coolest shit the world over and selling it to you right here for (gasp) a profit.

Disappointed by the lack of rhyming? Just goes to show, you never really appreciate something until it's gone. Speaking of which, by buying from us you're giving us your trust, so brother, sister we ain't leavin' you in the dust.

You're also helping support: biker initiatives that can keep you out of hell, hospitals or traffic court. Take Biker Quest and Biker Guardians for example—one's a charitable live action game and the other's an innovative safety angle.

So welcome to our Proud & Free Biker store, we know y'all'll find what you're looking for.

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*Hey, this isn't Proud & Free Shakespeare. Plus our Customer Protection Guarantee for failure to deliver doesn't apply in cases where a faulty address is provided by the customer.

Live proud and free,

Deme, Grand Poobah

Reach us at:

2375 State 36, #96
Navesink, NJ 07752