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Novelty Skull Helmet

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Novelty Skull Helmet

$ 159.90

Scare the road

Transform into Ghost Rider for biker events, festivals and granny's Sunday brunch.


• Hand crafted
• Full face, flip up helmet
• Strong durable ABS with vivid airbrush work
Lightweight, only 850g
• The inside is softly padded with cotton
The mask has lenses for the eyes
Adjustable quick-snap strap
Water resistant and easy to clean

This is a novelty helmet and is not DOT or ECE certified.


Your Size Measurement
Circumference of the head should be measured at a point approximately an inch above the eye brows or at whatever point gives the largest possible measurement.

S: Below 56 cm  (Below 22,05 Inches)
M: 56 cm - 58 cm (22,05 Inches - 22,85 Inches)
L: 58 cm - 60 cm (22,85 Inches – 23,65 Inches)
XL: 60 cm - 63 cm (23,65 Inches - 25,21 Inches)
XXL: Over  63  cm (Over 25,21 inches)

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