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Skull 'N Bones Spinner

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Listen to a classic from The Spinners while you're spinning

Many have said this moving meditation can help you quit smoking or manage your ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and insomnia.

We're not going that far. We'll only say that this metal spinner has a cool skull design. Plus it'll make you a better person and you'll wake up with a million dollars plus a golden ticket under your bed. Don't care? Well then just type "fidget spinner" in a google search and play with that instead.


SMOOTH, FAST AND QUIET SPINS: 2-5 minute average spinning time. Uses high quality R188 bearings—the best and baddest bearing for spinners resulting in buttery smooth spins with minimal noise. You probably want your spinners to be like your bike—no wobbles, good balance, and fast as fuck.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Premium brass with a brushed surface. Made with laser CNC technology, with no sharp edges. Hard, strong, durable and fits comfortably your hand—exactly how she wants you.

EASY TO PLAY WITH: Like your fav body part, it's small and comfortable enough to carry in your pocket when not in use, but woah!, just see what happens when you're ready to whip it out and play!

EASY TO MAINTAIN: It comes in a detachable cap and bearing design, so it's easy to clean and replace.

A GREAT GIFT: Know a nervous ninny who could use some calm the fuck down? Well then give 'em this!



• Material - Metal
• Colors - Gold, silver, red, blue, white andrainbow
• Great for fidgety hands, ADD, ADHD and stress relief, plus focusing and deep thought.
• Suitable for adults, kids, chimps, dolphins and mammals with opposable thumbs.
• Easy to carry—carry permit not required in most states.
• Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
• Package Size: 3.15in x 3.15in x 0.39in (8cm x 8cm x 1cm)

Includes 1 
Fidget Spinner

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