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Skull Bedding Set

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Skull Bedding Set

$ 83.50

Microfiber Bedding Set

1* Duvet Cover + 2* Pillow Cases

Duvet Covers are used to cover a comforter or quilt.

Available sizes :

US Twin: 1xduvet cover 178*218cm (68"x86"), 2xpillowcase :51*66cm(20"x26" )

US Full: 1xDuvet Cover 203cmx228cm (80"x90"), 2xPillow Case 20"x26" (51*66cm)

US Queen: 1xDuvet Cover 228cmx228cm(90"x90"), 2xPillow Case 20"x36" (51cmx91cm)      

US King: 1xDuvet Cover264cmx228cm(104 "x90"), 2x Pillow Case  20"x36" ( 51cmx91cm)


Single: 1 piece Duvet Cover 140x210cm,1 piece Pillowcase 19"x29"(50x75cm).

Double: 1 piece Duvet Cover 180x210cm, 2 piece Pillowcase 19"x29"(50x75cm).

Queen: 1 piece Duvet Cover 210x210cm, 2 piece Pillowcase 19"x29"(50x75cm).

King: 1 piece Duvet Cover 245x210cm, 2 piece Pillowcase 19"x29"(50x75cm).

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