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Pirate Necklace

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Pirate Necklace

$ 1,948.00

Express your inner pirate

Make a statement by rocking this striking bronze vintage French coin by dope designer Shannon Koszyk. It has a kingly Fleur de Leis on the back and the front is embedded with a skull with two diamond eyes. We think one of the coolest things about this necklace is the authentic-looking hand-forged bronze hook clasp.

It'll have people asking you questions like "did you win that in a sword fight?" or "what's your favorite rum?". We suggest you smile knowingly and walk away.


• Sterling silver 18" chain
• Hand-forged bronze hook clasp
• 2 diamonds
• Sterling wrapped bronze coin
• Coin measures 1 7/8"
• Vintage French coin (the designer added the skull to the center)
• A Fleur de Leis on the back

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