War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet
War Machine Helmet

War Machine Helmet

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Make both Black Sabbath and Tony Stark proud

Be the baddest Iron Man fanboy on your ride with this DOT approved, full face helmet. Even some of us who aren't Marvel fans would rock the shit outta this lid.


Standard - US DOT Certified
Sizes - S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material - Quality ABS material housing, strengthened lenses
Weight - Weighs only 1300 (+ or -50g)
Lining - Washable liner has full, three-dimensional pressure-type ear cropping and double the amount of liner close to the face for dope comfort
Material - Made of fabric with a wicking function that keeps the helmet liner dry
Lenses - Transparent (not colored)
Included - Helmet bag

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AC/DC were awarded the first Grammy of their career at the 2010 Grammys when this song won the Best Hard Rock Performance gong. Not even in 1980, the year they released Back In Black, one of the biggest records of all time, did they receive a prize. Christopher Cross was showered with numerous Grammy awards that year.

Guitarist Angus Young's initial inspiration for this song was a History Channel program about war machines used in the Roman and Greek armies.

Afterwards the band sat around talking about the concept.

Frontman Brian Johnson told Motor Trend magazine: "I said, 'There's not much difference - these huge boulder-throwing things were sent over walls to kill. The only difference now is we have laser-guided bombs with electronics, but they still kill civilians and soldiers."

Johnson added that the song is not a statement on the Iraq conflict. He said: "Every war is a daft war. There hasn't been one sensible war. It's about the machines they build for war. They still can't cure cancer, but they can build something that can kill people."



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