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The Hero

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The Hero

$ 230.00

DOT approved   -   only 2.9 lbs   -   Fighter pilot-ready

There's a reason why "motorcycle rider" translates to "pilot" in other languages. These badass full face helmets come in rising sun kamikaze and more traditional fighter pilot variations. Throw this lid on and let the universe know you're ready to fly.


Standard - DOT
Sizes - S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material - Quality ABS material housing, strengthened lense
Weight - Only 1300g (+ or -50g).
Lining - Washable liner has full, three-dimensional pressure-type ear cropping, with double the amount of liner close to the face for dope wearing comfort. Made of fabrics with a wicking function to keep the helmet liner dry.
Lens - Transparent (not a colored lens)
Included - Comes with a helmet bag

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