Triple Skull
Triple Skull
Triple Skull
Triple Skull

Triple Skull

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Do you like over the top?

Sometimes things get boring. This is not one of those times. At least not when you're rockin your Triple Skull ring!

Slip one of these magic rings on a digit and we honest to god guarantee things will never be boring again. Especially when you can just look into that middle skull's menacing ruby eyes. And the German cross will remind others that you choose to live proud and free.

But be careful and don't stare at the skull's red eyes for too long  ... wearers have been known to lose their souls. Or is it their socks. We always mix the two up. But you can stare at the trippy video below ☠️


• Titanium
• Faux (that means fake) ruby
• Sizes - 7 to 14
• Environnemental - lead & nickel free, 100% allergy free

Use this guide to measure your ring size


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