Skull Cuff
Skull Cuff

Skull Cuff

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Have you seen a badder skull cuff?

Probably not, and if you have, please send it to us.

And now a word from its craftsman:

"This wrist cuff is made by using an embossing technique I developed in my shop. As you can see from the photos, I am able to get a great deal of detail with this process. For perspective, the skull’s are 1 5/8 inches high. The overall cuff width is 2 2/4 inches. Length varies depending on size and the weight is approximately 2 oz.

The cuff is lined inside with a garment grade leather and finished off with a French binding edge (wrapped leather) that is stitched with the same strong high quality thread that all Griffin Leather products use.  Two high quality snaps are used to hold the cuff on the wrist.

Sizes run in half inch increments. For instance 7 inch, 7.5 inch, 8 inch and so on. Common sizes (7-8 inches) are in stock. Other sizes will take a couple of extra days to ship. If you want a size larger than 10 inches please contact Proud & Free Biker first.

Very little care is needed for this product. The leather is a chromium tanned garment grade leather.  If you will be active while wearing this such as riding a motorcycle, I would would advise using a clear paste wax to create a moisture resistant barrier.

Remember to message us with the size you're ordering.

If you want 2 wrist cuffs, one for the left and one for the right wrist, message us so we can reverse the snaps on one of the cuffs so they can match.

The one in the photo is not the one that will ship. Its a stock photo. So they will have slight variations since they are hand made.

This handmade item's delivery estimate: 3-6 weeks

This unique product ships to you directly from the artisan's Texas workshop


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