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Bluetooth Skull Lamp & Speaker

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Bluetooth Skull Lamp & Speaker

$ 76.95

We know you're happy to be alive for this one

You can control the settings (and 640,000 colors) of this 3D skull lamp speaker with an app on your phone. Also doubles as a night light, demon repulser and seizure enhancer.

About this 3D bluetooth music lamp
  • Lamp Pattern:  USB Bluetooth Skull Speaker, Music-Smart Led Lamp
  • Light Colors: App-controlled, over 640,000 colors can be changed
  • App Used: SJSmartbulb, which can be downloaded on your phone's app market, or scan the QR Code printed on the box you'll receive
  • Lamp Base: Black & Square PC Base with USB Connector
  • Material for Lamp Pane: Acryl Glass Pane
  • Bluetooth Distance: 10 Meters
  • Compatibility: This 3D lamp can be used with Laptops, Computers, USB Power Banks, USB Power Adaptors, and any other device with a USB connector
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Smart phone control, suitable for Android 2.3.3 or higher & IOS 7 or Higher
  • Height: 24.5cm (245mm)
  • Package: 1x Music Lamp Base, 1x Acryl Glass Pane, 1x USB Cable
Easy to Use
  • Download the SJSmartbulb app onto your phone and connect your phone's bluetooth.
  • Connect the lamp to a USB power source via the USB cable
  • Open the app and connect with the lamp's bluetooth.
  • Then you can choose different light color and play different music
(Attention: pls remove the plastic wrapped on the Lamp pane and the protective film before Putting it in the lamp Base)
Features for the 3D Music Lamp:
  • Colorful Light with Music: 640000 colors can be changed according to your preferences, and play the beautiful music together.
  • Unique Musical Automatic Mode: Making light color in sync with the music
  • Control the music & light with Timer: Setting the time to close the lamp as you like
  • Lots of Design Themes for Your Option: You have a wide selection of themes to match any occasion or desired application.
  • Various Applications: It can be a decorative lamp, sleep lamp, table lamp, Dynamic Party Music Lamp, Romantic Dating Night Light and so on. Applications are only limited to your thought(s).
  • Energy Saving: LED lights are more energy saving than the CFL and the incandescent lamp.
  • Environment friendly: Not contain Pb and Hg, no pollution, green lighting.
  • No Radiation: There is no buzzing noise and UV radiation during use. Provide us a quiet safe environment.
  • No flickering.

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