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USB Digital Microscope

USB Digital Microscope

$ 32.33

Everything magnified on your PC

See everything magnified with this miniature, hi-def digital camera that plugs into your computer via a USB. Your choice of 3 magnifications from 500x to 1600x.

In addition to using it for medical diagnostic and lab research purposes, you can peer into engines to observe wear and tear, look into someone's ear, or get grossed out by the amount of parasites that make you their home.

Made of ABS it has eight adjustable LED dimmer lights and is very versatile—can be applied to many uses including mechanic, laboratory research, electronic components, jewelry etc.


Size: diameter 3cm length: 11.5cm
Usb line length: 1.4 meters
Best video resolution: 640*480
Magnification: 0X~1600X

Size: diameter 3cm length: 12cm
Usb line length: 1.4 meters
Pixel: 300,000
Best video resolution: 640*480 1920*1080
Magnification: 0X~1000X
LDE lamp: 8LED

Size: diameter 3cm length: 12cm
Usb line length: 1.4 meters
Pixel: 0.3MP
Best video resolution: 640*480 1920*1080
Magnification: 0X~500X

LDE lamp: 8LED
Image format: JPEG
Video format: MP4
Android 4.2 or above / Widows / Mac
Supported languages: 19 languages including  English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean
Quality certifications: CE/FCC/RoHS

1 x Microscope
1 x Bracket
1 x Drive disc
1 x Calibration ruler


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