A Biker-Friendly, Windproof Fidget-Spinner-Flashlight-LED-Tripout-Lighter



Phew! That was a mouthful, but we think it was worth it. Why? Because this windproof coil lighter is dope as fuck plus it's guaranteed to keep you out of Hell.

How? Well, you know what they say about the devil's work and idle hands (also about tripping out to bright spinning lights while you're driving a school bus or performing surgery).


A multifunction survival tool, a conversation piece, and a spinner to keep your hands, and eyes, occupied. Light your smoke? No problem! See in the dark? No problem! Fidgety? No problem! Like to take mushrooms and trip out to spinning LED patterns? No problem!

This usb-charged lighter's heating coil is windproof, and it sports 18 light patterns when it's spun. It'll also keep you lit, your fingers busy, and your hands out of the devil's workforce (including from playing pocket pool at inopportune times).

Want it? Click here.


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