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Tactical Pen

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Tactical Pen

$ 25.90

We almost called this The Woody because of its ultra hard material. The pen head is made of durable tungsten steel (above HR90). It's a regular pen's size and almost as lightweight as a normal writing pen. This tactical pen actually writes and contains a bright LED flashlight.

The lightweight, small size and pocket clip design is portable. You can clip it on to your shirt pocket, backpack, jeans, etc. Also it can go through airport security and won't be confiscated as a weapon.

The three main functions of this tactical pen:
• Ultra Bright LED Bulb
• Tungsten tip to effortlessly break glass
• Concealed self-defense weapon
Write your statement to the police with it after you defeat your attacker

Check out this training video on how to use tactical pens for self-defense.

Feel free to contact us or ask any questions and our sales team will be happy to get back to you asap:



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