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Skull Mini Glass Water Pipe

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Skull Mini Glass Water Pipe

$ 19.99

This dope glass mini water pipe is in the shape of a skull and comes in: red, black, blue, pink, purple, and sky blue.


Can I smoke weed with products in your 420 Collection?

We're not in the business of selling illegal paraphernalia, or violating our online terms of service.

Even if it's legal in your jurisdiction you can't smoke weed with our products. You can only use them with tobacco or similar legal stuff. Any 420 references on our website are purely for getting you bitch-asses to pay attention, and to acknowledge—nay, to celebrate—high culture and its place in Bikerdom (we think Earth Day should still be on 4/20).

Finally, nobody under 18 can buy our tobacco-related products. That would not only make us assholes, but is against the law. Now get outta here and enjoy our dopeAF 420 Collection before we change our minds, ya crazy knuckleheads ya.

Feel free to contact us or ask any questions and our sales team will be happy to get back to you asap:



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