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Illuminated Punisher Sign

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Illuminated Punisher Sign

$ 74.99
The perfect gift for yourself or all the Punisher fans in your life.

Unlike virtually all the backlit signs you'll find ours stands out. Rather than use blocks to create the visual separation, we make a back board that is contoured to the light of the Punisher shape. The lights are mounted to the backboard to give our signs a 'floating' appearance.

This sign looks amazing in daylight and at night, plus it makes a great nightlight.

The sign measures approximately 13" tall and approximately 9 3/4" wide. It stands about 1 1/2" out from the wall. The battery compartment slides out of the top to allow access. It uses two 3v lithium batteries (included).

It is mounted by two pre-drilled mounting holes in the base.

The dimensions for this light are 13” high and 9 3/4" wide.


Feel free to contact us or ask any questions and our sales team will be happy to get back to you asap:



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