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.308 Whiskey

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.308 Whiskey

$ 15.99
  • This drinking glass has taken a bullet for you
  • Made from hand blown glass, each one is slightly unique
  • Real .308 calibre bullet lodged in the glassware
  • Pretend you're in a slow-motion video

This sexy piece of glassware actually saved someone's life ... is what you'll tell the masses as you casually sip from this bad as fuck .308 "bulletproof" whiskey glass.

Looking like an epic freeze-frame captured at the point of impact, this beautiful port, wine or whiskey glass has a genuine .308 calibre bullet lodged in its side. 

They say that real whiskey drinkers don't ever drink the good stuff in one shot – they savour it. With this dope "bulletproof" glass, now you can have your shot and savour it too.

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