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Proud & Free is known the world over for our biker, skull and tattoo-inspired jewelry.

If you're a biker, a 1%er, a renegade, a skull-lover, an ink fiend who's craving sugar skull jewelry then you're at the right garage.

Peruse our curated ring collection. Shop for a buddy, a significant other or a cartel lord you need to appease.

We've made the dopest jewelry collection, and we want to keep it proud and free. So we don't give a rat's ass if it's a stainless steel biker classic, like a $20 Demon Eye ring, a $6 ring that opens beer bottles, a $6k gold and diamond Skull King ring, or a $10k diamond-laden Gucci Skull ring. It's all good. And If it's dope, it's here.

Make sure you use our handy Ring Sizing Guide to make sure you give us an accurate measurement for the finger that'll be rockin' our rings.